Our reporters cover a wide variety of sports stories 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and WWA routinely produces material from every Premiership and Championship club, ranging from press conference coverage to feature articles to breaking news stories.

WWA covers the English Premier League and its clubs on a daily basis for a variety of national newspapers and also built strong contacts with all Football League clubs through a deal it had to supply the official Football League website www.football-league.co.uk with a weekly news feed.

Our reputation is such that national newspapers regularly use us to supplement their staff reporters. In addition, our reporters are called upon by, among others, The Sun, BBC on line and Daily Mirror to carry out in-house reporting shifts.

For two years, 2009-11, WWA was the sole content provider for AOL, covering every Premier League, European and international football game for their “FanHouse” website, as well as rugby, cricket, tennis and golf.

WWA covers sports other than football upon request and are accredited for the 2012 London Olympic Games.